controll your money

Roulette money management

Money management in gambling and in roulette games is just as important as the results of the events themselves. I say this because even the best strategies have downward swings from time to time and if you haven't planned ahead and given yourself a reasonable chance of 'weathering the storm' through hard times, then you'll never last to find out whether what you were doing was truly the road to success, or indeed the road to ruin.

You can look at the best gamblers and the best roulette players in history, no matter what game they were playing; one thing you will see that before the roulette strategies and the roulette systems, the one most important thing they knew well is to control their gambling money. If you truly do not have a clue when it comes to money management, do not start playing. If you never consistent in your wagering, bankroll or profits, work on that first and then you will improve your income to such a level that the day job will very quickly look small money.

So what lessons can be gleaned from this story in relation to roulette? Well the one that I hope is most prevalent, is the fact that money must be set aside in order for you to divorce yourself from the pressures of emotional wagering. You need to be able to play the game and implement your strategies, not worry about winning the next bet in order to pay an overdue bill.

If you decided that you are going to play with only 20$, go with it, find a roulette table with a small minimum bet, and play small hands only. If you won a few rounds, think about leaving the roulette table and taking the money home. You will see that taking the money home is a great feeling, even small amount of it.

If you lost the 20$ dollars, no matter how hot you feel, go home. Even if you feel that the next round is a shore win, do not play it. Those are your rules. You lose the money you have decided on you stop playing. This is the first thing you must do always.

However you decide is the best way to play any roulette game, remember to at least give yourself a fighting chance of success by managing your money efficiently. Never break those rules.