try it before you go with it

Martingale roulette system

Being over two centuries old, Martingale and the martingale roulette variations is probably the oldest gambling or roulette strategy employed today. Knowing this, it's all the more galling that it is peddled around the internet, sometimes for extortionate fees, in order to dupe innocent players into parting with their hard earned money. Learn the martingale system and try it on a free casino roulette first.

The martingale system basics

Martingale is based around the bets that pay Even money. For example: red or black. If your first wager loses then you simply double you stake. If that bet loses, then you double again, and so on until you win. The thought behind it is that you will quickly win back any losses by multiplying your stake after a losing bet, and with even money bets the losses cannot last too long.

I have seen many successful roulette players employ this system and build up a huge profit. Sometimes they have even taken a few thousand dollars off the roulette tables.

What most casinos do not mention when presenting martingale roulette system is that eventually they go on extended losing runs, and eventually they lose not only every penny they have earned, but a whole lot more built on false confidence in an unbeatable system.

Roulette tables have limits for the maximum bet; many believe that this is because of the Martingale roulette system, they don't wish for players to use this system against them.

In order to see this strategy at work, you should try it yourself, but first play this roulette system with the casino free bonus money or with the free roulette software. If you will see that you like the system and it works for you, only than go and play it for your money.