Cheating at Roulette- how

How can you cheat playing roulette

Over the years some roulette players have resorted to trying to cheat at the game of roulette as the only way to overcome the house edge and end up a roulette winner. Of course we do not suggest trying to cheat at any casino game or online casino game in no way, but we thought it would be interesting for some to look at the efforts others have gone to in order to win at the game one way or another, legal or not, the important thing is to win at roulette.

In history, its not only the roulette players who have tried cheating, but some casinos themselves twisted the game a little in there favour. but with strict regulations for both land based casinos and online casinos that is a thing of the past, this is not happening any more.

Players Cheats- Late Betting

One method players have been using in the past is to try and place there bets after the roulette ball has landed in a pocket. They do this as the croupier is looking at the wheel before going on to announce the winning number. Other players will try and grab some of there losing bets, or even move bets on the table if they get the opportunity. Of course it is not just the croupier they have to be aware of. Many of the land based casinos around the world have cameras and people watching the action at all the gambling tables for any kind of cheating.

Tampering to produce a Biased roulette Wheel

Some desperate players have gone to great lengths to tamper with the roulette wheels in all the possible various ways to put the edge in there favour. Methods include gluing materials to the pockets to effect the bounce of the ball, either making it more likely the ball will land in certain pockets and more likely to bounce out of others. Or tampering with the roulette wheel mechanism in some way to create some kind of bias that can be exploited by the player.