best roulette strategies

There are few games in online casinos as mercurial as the roulette wheel. This most classic of online gambling diversions is also one of the riskiest, affording players some of the worst house odds in the industry. Yet, players flock to games of Roulette, because there is just something so attractive about this timeless game of chance. Maybe it is the tick tick of the ball settling into the slots, the sound of which has been so lovingly recreated by software designers. Perhaps it is something even more elusive an alchemy all its own.

There are many losers at Roulette, many more than there are winners at any given time, at any given internet casino. This very real fact might influence you into believing that there is nothing you can do to improve your Roulette game at online casinos. However, like slots, which we discussed recently in our Best roulette strategy articles, there are a few things you can do to become a better player. Although there is not a strategy per say, like that of the basic blackjack strategy, knowing the right bets to make will make a difference for your bankroll. In the case of roulette, it is more about knowing the right roulette game to play.

American online casino players might be partial to American style Roulette games, solely because it is what they are most familiar with. Savvy internet casino players, however, will try European Roulette as well. Unlike American style, which has two zeros and therefore affords the house a greater edge, European roulette wheels have just one zero. This might not seem like so very significant a difference, but trust us it really is huge! The loss of that one zero literally halves the online casino’s house edge and therefore, doubles your advantage. Given the shabby odds of Roulette, you really need all the extra advantage you can get!

As mentioned in our previous tip, a big part of not losing your entire bankroll at online casino roulette lies in making intelligent and prudent bets. Just like in land-based casinos, internet casino Roulette is all about counteracting the overwhelming house edge to the best of one’s ability. Therefore, betting on a single number on the online Roulette wheel is not a good bet to make. Focusing on just one number gives you too much of an opportunity to lose. Realistically, you should place bets that give you the closest possible odds to those enjoyed by the house. That situation just will not be created by single-number bets.

We should also mention that you should primarily play online casino Roulette for fun, not to make money. Online gambling for profit is a risky-enough proposition as it is, let alone trying to make money on a game that offers you the least risk of winning! Additionally, when you are relaxed and having a good time with internet casino gaming, you are more likely to place smart bets and not make silly mistakes. You will get the most out of playing Roulette at online casinos if you only do it for enjoyment, and spend your gaming budget wisely on games for fun

On that note, you probably need to think about your online casino Roulette budget. You will do well to create a budget for any type of online gambling that you undertake. Not to be repetitive, but you simply can never discount the large house advantage in Roulette you will quickly find yourself outspent if you do not set aside a certain amount of money for your online casino Roulette playing, and stick to it closely!